In 1975, Osvaldo Ilcel Gomes established SERGOMEL MECÂNICA INDUSTRIAL in Sertãozinho, renovating trucks (3rd axle). After 13 years of experience, Sergomel formed a partnership with Iderol S.A. starting to assemble trucks (3rd axle).

In the mid-1990, Sergomel had the need to expand and become stronger in the sugar and alcohol market. So, it has dedicated to reforms and adaptations of truck bodies and sugarcane trailers.

In 2000 came the manufacture and approval of the 1st sugarcane transport equipment produced by Sergomel. Also, the registration at ANFIR (National Association of Manufacturers of Road Equipment), in addition to the accreditation by the CTC (Sugarcane Technology Center).

In the municipality of Sertaozinho - SP, the company serves not only to the regional market, but is also present throughout the national territory.

Focused on increasing its business, Sergomel, found some market opportunities to diversify and innovate, offering products with high technology, also in the forest sector.

The company differentiates itself in producing with quality and developing customized designs according to individual specifications of each client.

Much of its investments are directed in updating machines and processes, thus it maintains a modern industrial park, which enables the provision of services to various customers as well as sales of parts with a range of items for replacement and agility in the attendance.

Sergomel participates at Fenasucro / Agrocana fair, held annually in the city of Sertaozinho and also at the Forest Fair at Três Lagoas, which takes place in the city of Três Lagoas - MS.

Vision and Mission


To be recognized in the market as a company of excellence in the cargo transportation sector.


To act in the transportation sector by providing differentiated and reliable products and services, focused on excellence as a way to ensure a great performance satisfying the needs of its clients.